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null myKN: Kiểm soát toàn diện lô hàng của bạn

Xem xét nhu cầu của bạn, khám phá các tùy chọn, đặt chỗ và theo dõi. myKN cung cấp tất cả dịch vụ trong một ứng dụng.

To stay competitive, you need to act quickly and seize opportunities. Your customers count on you to be informed and reliable. However, managing your logistics can be complicated. Complex processes, lost information and lack of visibility create challenges that distract you and your team from your goals.

At Kuehne+Nagel, we‘ve designed a tool that gives you complete control of your shipments. No more calling around for quotes, hunting for lost paperwork and not knowing the status of your shipments. myKN empowers you to manage logistics your way and on your time, freeing up your focus for the bigger picture. No matter the size of your business, myKN will give you an advantage.

We’ve designed myKN to be intuitive and easy-to-earn, so that you can complete your tasks quickly and efficiently. Explore lane options to choose the optimal route for your shipment. Find competitive quotes, turn them into bookings or save them for later use. You can also track the status of your shipments using your own reference numbers, enabling you to provide your customers with accurate information and expected arrival times. All of these features are accessible from any device and available around the clock.

Beyond simply managing your logistics, myKN provides you with strategic advantages that support your growth. A customisable dashboard offers you up-to-date insights that let you assess your costs, identify bottlenecks and optimise your overall logistics plan. These features support better decision-making that will  bring you closer to your customers. Sustainability is a vital topic and is already a key differentiator for customers. myKN measures the environmental impact of your shipments and provides options for you to offset these through certified nature-based projects.

Complete control, wherever you are. myKN is the intuitive and immediate way to accomplish your logistics tasks.




Quote - Simply enter your route and shipment details and receive competitive quotes instantly.

Book – Make reliable and certain bookings using one convenient system with minimal data entry.

Track – Check the status of your shipments and enjoy quick access to your own transport and commercial documents.

Explore – Full integration with seaexplorer’s ocean shipping options including outgoing and incoming vessels, departures, capacities, frequencies and durations.

Fast-paced innovation and access to instant information has created growing expectations in the marketplace. myKN provides the tools for you to exceed those expectations.

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